SAT, JULY 1, 2023 • S1 E1 • 42 MIN 42 SEC

Introduction to Grow My Profit

Jeff Bush started his formal career in sales and marketing then transitioned into becoming a business owner of four B2B and B2C companies. Jeff's business partnership in a B2B advertising agency grew from 5 employees and $500k in revenue to 90 employees $40m in revenue is just over 7 years! 

He then founded a mortgage and title company that went from $0 to $12m in annual revenue and $3m in annual earnings with 60 employees. After Jeff exited the mortgage business he founded a B2B direct mail advertising company from zero to $40m in revenue and $16.9m in annual earnings. 

Jeff has become an informal "Chief Revenue and Profit Officer" for many of his business consulting clients due to his vast experience in scaling businesses and growing profits.In 2021 Jeff sold his multimillion dollar business (an 8 figure exit), began investing into other businesses, real estate and started consulting qualified business owners to scale their businesses into becoming lucrative assets that produced steady cashflow and a growing valuation. 

Jeff also purchased a 40 acre wedding venue in Southern California he has grown from 5 weddings per year and $60k in annual revenue to 72 weddings in under 3 years with an increase to $1.4m in annual revenues as a hobby. 

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Grow My Profit


SAT, JULY 1, 2023


42 MIN 42 SEC